4S shop of steel structure construction

4S shop of steel structure construction

  • 12 Mar 2020
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4S shop of steel structure construction

On Friday, Tamir, a Mongolian customer, asked me to make quotations, contracts and invoices for the second building of the school (we finished one building for the customer last year and got the customer's appreciation, and we will continue to build the second building this year). At the same time, he also sent the drawings for another project, saying that he would build a steel structure 4S shop with two floors of 20 * 23. This project is his brother’s. And he hope us provide some advice for the existing plan.

The engineer Peter give some advice after seeing the drawing: 1、4S shop does not be recommended using glass curtain wall with brick wall. 2. According to the climate of Mongolia, the steel structure should be made of Q345B. 3. Some substructure node drawings are incorrect. According to the above points, Peter quickly made a set of reasonable scheme drawings and sent them to the customers. After reading it, the customer praised it and asked us to make a quotation.

When I got the customer's material requirements, I saw that the customer's external walls and roof plates were made of PU polyurethane. I remember that last year we just built an automobile 4S shop for another customer in Mongolia, Czech, with the size of 28*21 and part two layers. At that time, the material was steel structure Q345B, and the roof and external wall plates were made of polyurethane edge sealing rockwool sandwich panel 0.7/0.5 150mm; At that time, the purpose of using this material was to be beautiful and fire-proof.

So I discussed it with Tamir on Wechat.

Alice:"Tamir, we did a project of automobile 4S shop for your country last year. The main structure was Q345. Purlin was galvanized and maintenance plate was polyurethane edge sealing rock wool panel. This kind of panel has good heat preservation effect, fire protection, and beautiful appearance. It is not recommended to use Pu sandwich panel. Pu sandwich panel is good at heat insulation but it is not good at fire proof. And I will send you the picture of their building. You can take it for reference."

Tamir: "Ok. Thank you. Do you know the project address? Can we go and have a look?"

Alice: "of course, I'll contact the customer and ask him to tell you the location. I'll recommend his Wechat to you so that he can take you to see the 4S shop."

Then I recommended Czech's Wechat to Tamir and I said to Czech, "Czech, I have a customer in your country whose name is Tamir. His brother wants to build a 4S shop exhibition hall. He doesn't know much about the design of the exhibition hall. And our engineer has made a plan. The customer wants to see the 4S shop you made last year as a reference, and it will be very appreciate if you help take him to look at it! Thank you!"

Czech: "no problem, let him come to me at any time. I can show him the car showroom we built. What I sent you was a picture that hasn't been completely built. I will send the finished picture to your customer."

Alice: "Thank you Czech. Can you also take the time to send me the photos of the finished steel structure 4S shop? I need to know what we've achieved."

Czech:"no problem, Alice, I will send you soon."

On Monday morning, I received two good news: one was that Tamir told me to make the contract and invoice for the second project of Mongolian school. The second good news was that Czech told me that the negotiation of 120m* 48m steel structure workshop was very smooth, and soon we started the cooperation of new projects, and he also sent me the complete picture of 4S shop exhibition hall of steel structure automobile! Next, I will show you the photos. Thank my customers and friends for their recognition, support and help to our company. I hope that we can work together for a win-win situation in 2020!

4S shop of steel structure construction

4S shop of steel structure construction

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