Behind the scenes story of China's military parade

Behind the scenes story of China's military parade

  • 31 Oct 2019
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I'll show you the story behind the military parade for the 70th anniversary of the founding of China. In order to hold the National Day celebration smoothly, the staff have paid wisdom and sweat night and day to ensure the smooth completion of various logistic facilities.

Behind the scenes story of China's military parade

How did Tian'anmen's "red ribbon" be built?

Why didn't a nail be used for the seat on the auditorium?

What is the intimate design of more than 500 mobile toilets?

Now I'll take you to explore!

Red ribbon appeared in Tian'anmen Square in Beijing, showing the aesthetics of the times and China's advanced architectural skills

Behind the scenes story of China's military parade

The "red ribbon" landscape on the lawns on the East and west sides of Tian'anmen Square is a collection of festival elements and red culture on the visual symbols. In terms of layout, Tian'anmen Gate and monument are arranged symmetrically and axially to create the aggregation effect of the square. In the design, it is composed of the falling area, the arched area and the overhanging area at the end. The highest part of the arched area is more than 7 meters, while the arched area is also 10 meters away, forming a visual effect of floating.

The outer side of the streamer is decorated with a joyful scene of 56 ethnic groups singing and dancing. The inner side is a long scroll of mountains and rivers, a line of wild geese between the mountains and rivers, implying that the people of the whole country, under the leadership of the Party Central Committee, are striving for the great dream of national rejuvenation.

Behind the scenes story of China's military parade

In order to minimize the impact on the current situation of the square, and ensure that the landscape engineering can be rebuilt in another place, the red ribbon landscape adopts the construction method of full prefabricated assembly and full cold connection, and there is no electric welding at the construction site, which may be rare in the history of steel structure construction. The main body of the landscape is floating on the lawn, which is composed of vertical tower and horizontal module, and the counterweight is used to prevent the structure from overturning. Generally speaking, the workers only need to screw the bolts.

Tiananmen Gate auditorium seat construction: without a nail

The seats on the fixed viewing platform on the east side of Tian'anmen Gate Tower have a certain radian and a certain thickness. It is said that they can bear 200 kg. But the fixed auditorium of Tian'anmen city building is a permanent building. How are these seats installed?

First of all, in order to protect the building itself, a rivet was not used in the installation process. First install the fixing bracket, lean on the back edge of the side and the step itself, and then install the seat on the bracket, so as to ensure that there is no trace left during the removal.

This temporary viewing platform can be said to have been built on the ground overnight. In the early morning of September 17, 2019, nearly 100 trucks carrying 120 steel structure modules slowly drove into the construction site. All the hoisting and positioning work should be completed within 5 hours, and the construction personnel have been waiting for them.

When 8 cranes are working at the same time, the base of these steel structure shall be installed in place, on which 9188 seats shall be built. With the crane lifting each steel structure module, the ground workers skillfully assist the steel structure module to accurately locate in the area measured in advance, and then adjust the height of the foot base below to ensure that each two modules are seamlessly butted and the surface is absolutely flat.

Behind the scenes story of China's military parade

In addition to giving way to the flag raising passage and underpass exits on both sides, all spaces will be covered with these modules. When the sun rises, the long temporary viewing platform has been erected, echoing the fixed viewing platform of Tian'anmen Gate Tower.

Considering that Chang'an Street needs to receive tourists in the daytime and the flag raising ceremony in the morning, the large-scale construction of the viewing platform should be carried out in the late night, and the seat installation should be carried out in the daytime.

Behind the scenes story of China's military parade

9188 seats are installed in the temporary stands on both sides of the Huabiao, and 3375 seats are installed in the north side of the Great Hall of the people. Within 12 days, the construction of two temporary viewing platforms and the assembly of 20609 seats were completed on time.

596 temporary toilets will be built around Tian'anmen Gate

Around Tian'anmen Square, on the north and west sides of the National Museum, there are such beautiful tents and white trailers. When you see these signs, you may understand that this is the "place of five grain reincarnation".

According to the characteristics of large and concentrated flow of people in the celebration, 596 temporary toilets in three different forms were built in this design. They are distributed around Tiananmen Square and nearby streets. In addition to the common fixed temporary toilet, there is also a trailer toilet, the largest number of which is the tent toilet.

Behind the scenes story of China's military parade

This tent toilet is a tent built on the basis of the groove designed by the former Tian'anmen Area major event support. It can solve the problem of large flow of people in an instant.

The tent toilet is equipped with stainless steel toilet, wash basin and other facilities. Compared with other forms, this toilet is built quickly and can accommodate the largest number of people. In order to ensure privacy, the partition board inside is 40 cm higher than before, reaching a height of 1.6 meters.

Behind the scenes story of China's military parade

The advantage of the movable towable toilet is that it is flexible and can be placed in any place where there is a need. If there is a sewage well nearby, it can be directly discharged by pipeline.

Behind the scenes story of China's military parade

Beijing Sanitation Group has sent more than 100 people to work day and night, and finally built 596 temporary toilets in a month, and delivered them to use as scheduled.

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