Beijing New Poly tower of steel structure engineering in China

Beijing New Poly tower of steel structure engineering in China

  • 04 Mar 2020
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Beijing New Poly tower of steel structure engineering in China

1.Basic information of the project

Project location: No.1, Chaoyang men North Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Project cost: 1.4 billion yuan

Building area: 109997 ㎡

Number of floors: 4 underground and 23 above ground

Building height: 105.2m

Curtain wall type: single layer two-way point type flexible cable curtain wall, low-E coating uv proof hollow glass curtain wall system

Structure type: steel frame reinforced concrete cylinder hybrid structure

Commencement date: May 18, 2003

Completion date: October 20, 2006

2. Project introduction:

Beijing New Poly building is the new headquarters of China Poly Group and the location of poly Museum. The building is a green intelligent building integrating grade A office building, museum and business.

Based on the concept of "Chinese spirit, international vision and world standard", the building integrates the high, difficult, new and special technology of large public buildings. It not only breaks through the innovation in design, but also creates a domestic precedent in construction. With its many world first advantages, it fills in many gaps in the construction industry, and is known as "Beijing new landmark".

3. Engineering characteristics

3.1 The world's first flexible glass curtain wall

The 90 meter high and 70 meter wide single-layer two-way point type flexible cable curtain wall is connected by strong and tough steel cables for the first time in China. Its plate size ranks first in the world and represents the highest technical level in the world. As the first concave flexible cable glass curtain wall in the world, the three intersection centers of different inclined planes are perfectly combined with the water wave glass appearance of the special suspension building inlaid on the curtain wall, which is also curved, straight, flexible and fluent, showing the magnificent atmosphere, historical context and modern technology of the building vividly.

3.2 The first skyscraper atrium in Beijing

With an area of 1500 ㎡ and a volume of 75000m3, there is no pillar in the super large space to block the view, which is extremely spacious and transparent. The atrium is as high as 90 meters, which has achieved an innovative breakthrough in scale. It can be called "the first skyscraper atrium in Beijing".

3.3 The world's largest special hanging building challenging the limit

The special suspension building in the lobby has a cantilever of 23.98m, a height of about 50m and a weight of about 5000 tons. Its weight and volume are second to none among the same structures in the world, and there is no column support. After the completion of the installation and tension of the steel cable, the final displacement of the suspension building is only 30mm and the control accuracy is very high. The Diaolou combines traditional Chinese cultural elements and modern high-tech, and its design inspiration comes from the ancient Chinese stacked lantern shape. The Poly Art Museum, famous for rescuing the national treasure of the Old Summer Palace, is set up here to display a large number of precious cultural relics of the motherland rescued and protected from overseas, carrying forward the long history and splendid culture of China.

3.4 The first application of super large diameter prestressed steel cable in public buildings

Four 260mm diameter prestressed main cables of the suspended special suspension building, each of which is composed of 199 steel strands, are tensioned to 0.6 times of the design stress through symmetrical circulation step by step, and then the whole cable is tensioned to the design value. The stress is uniform, independent innovation and leading technology fill the gap in the construction industry.

3.5 Overall lifting of the first main truss steel structure in China

The main truss steel member on the top of the new poly building is 16 meters high and 63 meters long. It is lifted by hydraulic pressure as a whole. The lifting weight is 525 tons and the lifting height is nearly 90 meters. After the main truss is in place, the single side vertical butt joint clearance is only 5 mm, which is far less than the requirements of the national standard, and the high-altitude position is extremely accurate. This is the main truss steel member project with the highest lifting height and the most difficult construction technology in China There are few high-rise buildings in the world.

3.6 The first successful application of ultra-high strength steel in China

The maximum steel plate thickness of GR60 low alloy high strength structural steel is 125mm, which is the first time in the history of domestic building steel structure. Its welding data can be used as an important basis to supplement the gap of relevant national standards.

3.7 The first application of pressure dispersion anti floating anchor technology in Beijing

The foundation pit depth of the building is 26.51m, the dewatering depth is 33m, and the earthwork is 250000m3. It is one of the deepest foundation pits of the pile anchor support system in Beijing. In order to solve the problem of groundwater buoyancy, 628 prestressed anchor bolts of pressure dispersing type were innovatively applied in the building, which is the first time for the same stratum in Beijing area.

3.8 The only vertical stone blind in China

The glass curtain wall on the West and south sides of the building adopts the first vertical stone sunshade blinds in China. The blinds select the natural light yellow Roman cave stone with the sense of vicissitudes. The blinds ensure the maximum sunshade in winter and summer with a specific angle, which corresponds to the Green Club on the top floor. The energy-saving coefficient of the glass curtain wall has reached the most advanced technical standards at home and abroad, which has been done in building energy conservation The new exploration greatly reduces the building energy consumption and creates a perfect visual experience with international rhythm and national style.

It is the first skyscraper atrium in Beijing, the world's largest flexible glass curtain wall, and the lantern type steel structure cantilevered building with unique craftsmanship and extraordinary momentum. It not only shows the great spirit of Beijing, but also reflects the calm and natural Confucian culture. Traditional Chinese cultural elements and modern architectural visual language complement each other here, and become the gold business circle of the East 2nd Ring Road of Beijing An extremely beautiful landscape.

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