keep steel structure in the heart

keep steel structure in the heart

  • 10 Nov 2019
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Everyone has a tired period for life or work. it happens to be the weekend, and there is nothing to do. I took the tea and saw the passers-by who walked through the window in front of the window and felt a little cold. Oh, yesterday was Beginning of Winter.. For us who live in the north , the weather is getting cold and everyone is not willing to go out this season. I still read some positive articles, maybe this will bring some vitality.

There was a small story that poured into the eyes of the "Buddha in the heart": Su Dongpo and the Buddhist monk Foyin were good friends. Once they sat down and looked at each other, Su Dongpo asked the Buddha, "What did you see?" "the Buddha." Then he asked what Su Dongpo had seen, and Su Dongpo replied that he saw cow dung. When he triumphantly returned home, and told Su Xiaomei about this, he thought that this was a brilliant victory between him and the Buddhist monk. He did not expect Su Xiaomei shook her head and sighed: You lost badly. Su Dongpo is puzzled, Su Xiaomei explained: Because there is something in your heart, you will see something. There are Buddhas in the heart of Foyin, so what he see in his eyes is the Buddha, but in your heart...

What's in our hearts? What do you see? If you see people, they are full of shortcomings, nothing, and slow blame others, maybe this is our own realm. Relatively speaking, if you see people who are optimistic, positive and respectable, this means that you are also such a person. The former will lead us into a vicious circle of more negative and more pessimistic, the latter will be able to create more enthusiasm, a more positive virtuous circle, which one do you like?

As long as there is a Buddha in your heart, what you see in your eyes is the Buddha.

I shared this story with my friend Ann immediately, and casually said my thoughts. "Are we making steel structure, and we always have steel structures in our hearts?and when I meet friends, I will talk about the steel structure industry." Every time I go shopping, I will watch building firstly, which building is made of steel structure, and I can't help but stop taking a few photos, then take a few small videos and send a moment of Wechat and show off, look, Xx famous building, The latter is xxxxx building, xxxx shopping center is made of steel structure, I always feel that we have a little value and pride in this industry."

Ann is like the monk in this little story, "because the heart is filled with Buddha he sees the Buddha. If his profession is to sell steel structure, I think he will be like us. Everywhere is a steel structure. No matter what you do, it will always be in your heart. "Both of us smiled like we found a confidant." change tea to coffee, we continue to talk while drinking coffee.

keep steel structure in the heart

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