Portable toilet container houses

Portable toilet container houses

  • 09 Nov 2019
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From the negotiation in February to the completion of the delivery in July, our order has lasted for 6 months. What have we experienced in the past six months, please let me tell you one by one.

Our friend Michelle send a email on 21th February,2019 for container house, and her requirements are following:

“Please quote a portable toilet as 20’ container.

Men and Women.

Men, 2 toilets, 2 urinals, 3 basins.

Women, 3 toilets and 3 basins”

Portable toilet container houses

Our engineer Peter make a design immediately according to her requirements for her check, and after a few days, she returned us another question.

“could you please quote us the installation price at the factory”

Please note that the container house is standardized production, and standard 20ft container house is 6055mm*2435mm*2896mm, it is too high to be loaded on the shipping container.

According to customer request, our engineering department and production department held meeting to discuss solution, after a few days discussion, they set the following plan: install it on the factory, put this portable house whole in the shipping container.

Then Ann talked Michelle on the Wechat:

“hi Michelle, how are you?”

Longtime later, Michelle replied:

“Hi Ann, sorry I missed your message, too many windows in wechat and yours went down and I forgot it”

“That is ok,be sure to relax yourself in your tired work, my friend.”

“Thank you Ann, I always go jogging for 30 minutes every morning.”

“That is good, and for the project, our engineer put on the solution.

Firstly, the container house will be installed at factory, but inner layout should be installed at site. because we worry about they are damaged in transportation. And one 40hq shipping container can load one set portable toilet.

Secondly, in order to transportation, we need to change the size into 5900*2250*2500mm, and we suggest delete one toilet, otherwise it will be crowded if 5 toilets. If we can change the size, we will continue to improve this solution”

“I see, It is ok, and please send me the drawings and quotation asap, because our client need it asap. ” “OK, we will provide you asap”

In order to give customers a good solution in the shortest time, We held an emergency meeting:

“Transporting the whole container, the biggest problem for the customer should be unloading the goods , how could we solve it?”

The meeting room is silent, everyone is thinking....

“How about wheel? We can install four wheels in the container bottom”

“Good idea, ” everyone applaud.

“No, if we us wheel, It will sway back and forth inside the shipping container,the portable toilet will be damaged seriously when reached the destination port” Peter raised doubts.

“Peter is right, we need make the best of both worlds”

“How about braking systems? When we want to stop driving, just step on the brakes”

“But the cost of this is very high, the customer has a budget”

“We can fix the four corners and wheels of the container with a fixing strap” Kevin said, who has 10 years’ loading experience.

“Good, we have stock in factory, we can We can test it”

Portable toilet container houses

After repeated trials and arguments, we quoted the customer according to the final plan.

In the end, she chose the original design. Although the design was not adopted by the customer, our entire design team and production team grew, because the solution and products we developed were recognized by our other Fiji Island customers and we complete the order.

We are professional and committed to serving our customers.

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