Safety Manual for Construction of Steel Structure

Safety Manual for Construction of Steel Structure

  • 08 Jul 2019
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In order to implement the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first" in the process of steel structure construction, protect the life safety of all construction workers, improve labor productivity, make the protection requirements clear and technology reasonable and economic, we must be familiar with safety knowledge before construction.

Safety Manual for Construction of Steel Structure

1.Safety measures

1.1 Employees entering the construction site of steel structures should wear uniforms, safety hats and safety belts.

1.2 Employees should wear insulated shoes, clothes, gloves and shoes should keep dry.

1.3 Electric tools should use cable tray, leakage protector or grounding measures, and make regular inspection according to regulations.

1.4 Safety belts should be fastened in high altitude operation.

1.5 Regular physical examinations should be carried out for climbing workers. Those who have a history of unsuitable climbing operations should be prohibited from climbing operations.

1.6 Check the leakage of electric tools, cables and wires frequently.If we find out the problems, we should deal with them in time.

1.7 Tool bags should be worn when working at high altitudes to prevent components from falling and injuring people.

1.8 Scaffolding should be set up reasonably, firmly and unshakably.

1.9 General types of work are not allowed to replace special types of work. Lifting workers, electricians and welders should be on duty with special types of work operation certificates.

1.10 Combining with the specific engineering situation, the fire prevention and theft-proof safety measures for each project are formulated.

1.11 Every day before work, the monitor organizes a pre-class meeting to talk about safety, quality, progress requirements, and records. The supervisor should attend the meeting regularly.

1.12 Every day, when the work is finished, the material should be clean and the site should be clear and the fire source should be extinct and the power supply should be cut off.

2.Civilized construction

2.1 Tents, distribution boxes, materials, etc. should be placed in accordance with the requirements of the general plan of construction work.

2.2 The determination of the general plan of steel structure construction operation shall be communicated with Party A before it is determined. Once it is determined, it shall be carried out conscientiously and no further changes shall be made.

2.3 For daily necessities used by employees, baggage should be placed uniformly and reasonably.

2.4 After entering the field, the materials should be stored according to specifications and models, and the wooden square should be used to pad up more than 100 mm, and the yard should be neatly placed. It is strictly forbidden to pile up and put in disorder, to contact with corrosive substances, and to take rainproof measures.

2.5 Components should be stacked in accordance with their design stress conditions, such as roof trusses, windows and doors to be stacked vertically.

2.6 Wood splints, windows, doors and other objects should be covered with tarpaulin to prevent rain.

2.7 Hardware, glass glue and small tools should not be thrown away or put in disorder. They should be classified and stored in small boxes, and rainproof measures should be taken.

2.8 Construction garbage is cleaned up and packed and dumped everyday.

2.9 Remaining materials should be cleaned out before exiting after completion.

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