Surface treatment and storage method of ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating

Surface treatment and storage method of ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating

  • 11 Aug 2020
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It has remarkable fire-proof, heat-insulation, moisture-proof and corrosion-proof performance. It is widely used for steel structure fire protection of indoor and outdoor buildings and structures with fire resistance time ≤ 2.5 hours. To prevent the initial fire and slow down the expansion of fire, the ultra-thin steel structure fire retardant coating is a new type of fire retardant coating developed by using new technology. Its characteristic is that it will generate a uniform and dense sponge-like foam insulation layer in case of fire. It is of primary significance to protect the insurance of the country and the people's life industry.

Surface treatment and storage method of ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating

Application: ultra thin steel structure fire retardant coating is mainly used for fire protection of indoor steel structures and steel products in industrial and civil buildings. It can effectively advance the fire resistance ability of steel structure, implement the requirements of building imaginary fire protection standard, and have good decoration results.

1. Construction request

Ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating details processing:

After sandblasting and rust removal, it reaches the standard of sa2.5. The details of the steel substrate coated with fireproof coatings for steel structures should be strictly dewatered and rust removed. Manual descaling reaches st3 level or above. For details of the rust removal, use alkyd red lead or epoxy anti-rust paint for anti-corrosion treatment.

2. Construction method

Low-pressure airless spraying can also be used. According to the need of fire resistance limit, it can be applied directly by roller or brush. Wait until the surface of the previous coating is dry and then apply it again. When handling this coating, it is necessary to manipulate the fireproof sealing topcoat to prevent rainwater and high humidity from smashing the fireproof coating. The consumption is 0.25kg/m2. It should be fully stirred until there is no deposit before handling. The relative humidity should be less than 85% during painting.

Coating thickness: the wet film thickness of each fireproof paint coating should be ≤250um.

Coating distance: surface dry (not sticky to the touch) 

Dilution cleaning agent: 2001 special dilution cleaning agent.

3. Marking, transportation, packaging, storage:

Unused paint packaging should be re-sealed to prevent drying out, so that it can be reused. Under the transportation and storage conditions suitable for this standard, the storage period of the product is one year from the date of production. The outer wall of each can of products should have a logo, declaration, product title, production batch number, production unit title, location, and production date. Sealed iron cans, net weight of each can is 20kg, kept in a cool, ventilated and rigid place. The product should be protected from rain, sun exposure, moisture intrusion and seal during transportation

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