Thailand steel structure

Thailand steel structure

  • 08 Nov 2019
  • steel structure

We have being busy to complete the design and quotation of the steel structure for the old client in Thailand since last night to this afternoon!

Thanks a lot for the unity of our engineer Peter and CNO Ms. Wendy Wang which really stand in Thailand client’s shoes:

Due to Thailand client is our old friend, they only put forward to few rough requirements:

"The size of the warehouse is: 15m*84m*8m", "The steel structure need to meet the load of 80kg/m2", "The crane load capacity of 5 tons need to be designed in the warehouse", "The fence with 2.8 high around the #steelstruturewarehouse is ok" etc.

Without a few words, our engineer Peter owned over 13 years long professional working experience has made a preliminary design and quotation based on the above blurred needs with confidence, and Peter did not ignore the late tracking hunt.

At noon today, Thailand time 10:10 a.m.,Peter called directly: "Hello sir, How are you today? Are you busy?"

A slowly return "No, I am drinking coffee."

"That’s great, you like coffee, and Chinese like tea, both of them are enjoyed for us."

"yes, just relax for a moment here", just like a coffee addict.

"I see, but now there is a question for this project, the height of fence is 2.8m, so I suggest It need brace in the middle, do you agree with? Otherwise, I need to change it to 2.2m. But it does not influence strength. In addition, can I design a height of 7m below the crane beam? It’s enough for this project, OK?"

Sound slowly from the phone:"hmm, let me think... , ok, I accept your suggestion ,you re-offer 2.2m and change the height from foundation to crane beam."

Peter:"30mins please, I am sure you will be satisfied with my re-offer about 2.2m and 7m crane."

"ha ha ha, I’m awaiting for my old friend’s gifts."...

During the next 30 mins, Peter with Wendy quickly check the memo which they already prepared to this re-offer, and check every keypoint again, then send message and official email at the same time.

15:10 P.M., Wendy’s whatsApp returned , the re-offer is Ok, "Binggo! Yeap!, Our hard work deserved!" , Wendy shout out. Peter and Wendy celebrated with a high-five, "He should be quite satisfied with this time. We can TNT him some Chinese coffee and tea. Let him introduce more big Thai customers to us. Haha...".

Thailand steel structure

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