The change from zero to one of steel structure

The change from zero to one of steel structure

  • 02 Dec 2019
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The change from zero to one of steel structure

Is there anyone read the work of From Zero to One, which written by founder of PayPal and Facebook's first external investor, Peter Thiel.

The preface in the book has such a passage: Today, the company is engaged in fierce competition. The market is like a limited piece of cake. When you can't bravely cut bigger than others, you will start to fall behind, and finally even go out, so the company will start to compete and compete, and who can compete and copy and reproduce faster and better. Trendy products or business models. Even with such efforts, most companies still can't escape the fate of meager profits and even losses.

In Peter Thiel's view, this is the fate from "1 to N". The companies that are on this road are killed in the Red Sea. The law of survival they pursue is to take food from competitors. The way out is fierce enough to be fierce. Do the first in the competition. Peter Thiel believes that this kind of death can only be stared at, and the zero-sum game limited to this difference is not very clever. He advocates wisdom from 0 to 1, or from nothing to nothing. From 0 to 1, or from scratch, it means that enterprises should be good at creating and innovating, forming barriers through technical patents, network effects, economies of scale, brands, etc., thus achieving a qualitative vertical level crossing, thereby opening up only one It is the only market in the blue ocean market, and such a monopoly can allow enterprises to enjoy rich profits.

Looking back at the history we have gone through, we have been climbing in the steel structure industry for 20 Spring and Autumn. As Peter Thiel said, all the steel structure peers are constantly copying the trendy products with the fastest speed. Competing for a piece of cake, never thought of using innovative ways to make the cake big enough to allow the company to be invincible in the steel structure industry. This book has just seen these pages, it is very inspiring, just working with our chief technical officer Peter in an office. I recommend this to him and let him finish reading: "This book will be for you, right. Our entire company is helpful, I suggest you look at it, "I am funny. Peter's result is that this book is meaningful: "I will read it."

More than 10 days passed, and Peter gave me this book and said: "I know how to do it next time." "Oh, I am waiting for your miracle to appear, come on, boy," I rushed to him. I made a gesture and smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

Time passed quickly, and two weeks passed. Everyone used an hour to go to the stadium to learn skills after work every day. Peter always stared at the computer and sometimes took earplugs like a lecture. Sometimes the keyboard is tapped on the computer. Sometimes frowning, sometimes surprises. About a week ago, excitement shouted: "Come on, look at it?" I was also shocked by the moment. It turned out that he had been animating and learning from the side of the building for more than 10 days. Fine anime! "Very nice" I can not speak English can not help but also pulled out a few English words from my mouth.

Not only did I upload the installation video of this steel structure to social media, I also used it as an important weight to negotiate with customers. It highlights the strength and professionalism of the our company. In the near future, our different styles are patented by the company and applicable to all countries, the environmentally-friendly and energy-saving steel structure house is about to come out. I will recommend this book to the middle leaders of the company's various departments, so that they can all innovate in their own positions, and our entire group can stand out in the steel structure industry.

The change from zero to one of steel structure

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