1. Roof System

2. Roof Truss

3. Foor System

4. Floor Joist

5. Wall System

6. Wall Steel Framing


Light steel structure villa as we call it light steel villa for short, compared with web steel villa, it is quicker installation and cheaper cost. It mainly adopts light sled galvanized structure and color steel sandwich panel as the main load-bearing skeleton and main wall system. The roof is made up of asphalt tile (color steel glazed tile or resin tile). OSB board, insulating layer and indoor ceiling. The outside wall can be decorated with different types' decoration boards. Interior walls also can be based on your needs. It can choose different type decoration panels to achieve same interior wall texture with ordinary house. Thus forming a residential house with the appearance of villa.


Villa Material List

Type Name specification illustration
Light steel structure system Expension bolt 10x75 Villa Material List
Bolt Standard (Q235 high strength galvanize) Villa Material List
Light steel galvanized structure Q235 Network type(Q235 high strength galvanize) Villa Material List
Roof system Roof decoration Asphalt shingle (Alternative) Villa Material List
Resin tile (Alternative) Villa Material List
OSB panel Villa Material List
Insulating layer Glasswool/Rockwool Villa Material List
Indoor ceiling PVC ceiling Villa Material List
Wall system Outer wall decoration (Alternative) Metal carved board Villa Material List
PVC Outside wall panels Villa Material List
OSB panel Villa Material List
Insulating layer 75mm Glasswool Villa Material List
Inner wall (Alternative) Gypsum board Villa Material List
UPVC Villa Material List
Cement-fibre board Villa Material List
Door and window Door Steel wooden door Villa Material List
Window PVC plastic steel window Villa Material List
Floor Timber floor Alternative Villa Material List
Tile Villa Material List
Electricity system Electric wire 2.5 Square wire with socket Villa Material List
LED lights Villa Material List
Accessory The components of wall and roof Eaves serging, bolts and so on Villa Material List
Bolts and so on National stanard Villa Material List


1. Low cost: Short construction period and quick installation.

2. Stable structure: High strength, no decoration, no deformation. Long lifetime it’s around 50 years.

3. Rust prevention and corrosion resistance: The galvanized steel sheet is used as the skeleton. which has good corrosion resistant ability.

4. Earthquake resistance and typhoon resistance: villa can withstand 8 grade earthquake and 10 grade typhoon.

5. Fire-proof and refractory: Compared with the traditional buildings system and other steel structure system. The light steel structure has good fire resistant ability.

6. Thermal insulation and heat preservation: The performance of heat insulation is greatly improved, and the energy saving of the building can reach 65%, which exceeds the requirements of the national building energy conservation.

7. Environmental protection: Less waste in construction site. Low energy consumption and low noise, and the quality as easy to control.

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