K-type Prefab House

K-type Prefab House
K-type Prefab House
K-type Prefab House
K-type Prefab House
K-type Prefab House
K-type Prefab House
K-type Prefab House

K-type Prefab House Features:

1. The modulus houses are the most economical one for middle-size accommodation, office, temporary storage. The layout is flexible with span from 5m-18m and length of 1.82m(1K=1.82m) as standard expansion module.

2. The stable frame-shear wall structure of houses is worked by unique structure system, superior wind resistance, cold-formed thin-walled steel structure, cross layout, flexible cable, lateral wall panel arrangement.

3. This house is one of the fastest installation temporary houses. Four people can install 80m2 each day. A 40ft HQ shipping container can ship about 200 square meters(construction area). This transportation is economical.

4. This house is one of the best dismantling performance temporaryhouse. It can disassemble 10times. Builing technology:one layer, tow layers and three layers.

Wide-range in application:

Can be used as a large number of buildings, railways, highways, water, oil, commerce, tourism and military offices, conference rooms, command, dormitories, warehouses, shops and a variety of temporary buildings.

House Type WJL Modular House
Sort Item Specification
Dimension Length n*M+160(n=4,5,6)M is the prefab unit1M=1820mm
Width n*M+160(n=3,4,5,)M is the prefab unit1M=1820mm
Height of Eave/Ridge Standard5772mm/8652mm
Inner Net Height Groud floor2455mm;First floor2700mm
Standard Accessory Stair Steel frame stair, decorative wooden floor, stainless steel railing
Storey flooring Steel frame with wood
Wall Panel 50mm thickness Color steel sandwich panel, color:gray or white
Roof Panel 75mm thickness Color steel sandwich panel
Door Plastic steel door, decorative wooden door, stainless steel door
Window PVC window or aluminum window
Optional Accessory Ceiling Mineral wool acoustic panel ceiling or plasterboard ceiling
Partition Color steel sandwich panel or Light steel keel plasterboard
Flooring Wooden floor, floor tiles, PVC floor or carpet
Water Supply and Drainage It can be designed and constructured by us
Electricity It can be designed and installed by us
Resistance Live Load 50kg/m2
Wind Resistence 30m/second
Fire-proof B1 grade (apyous material)
Earthquake Resistence 9 grade

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K-type Prefab House

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